OUR Services

As a paediatric surgeon I provide consultations, management and surgery for a wide range of conditions affecting children and infants using open, laparoscopic, thoracoscopic and endoscopic modalities.  Below is an overview of some of the more common  clinical presentations I can provide specialist surgical expertise in.

Antenatal Counselling and Neonatal Surgery

There are several conditions that are occasionally picked up on antenatal scans that may mean the newborn baby will need surgery. Often this news can come as a great shock, and it is quite possible you will have never heard of these conditions before.



Gastrointestinal / Colorectal Dysfunction

  • Constipation / Soiling / Anal pain
  • Perianal conditions

  • Assessment and surgery for gastroesophageal reflux

  • Cholecystectomy 

  • Congenital and acquired intestinal conditions

  • Nutritional devices support including gastrostomy insertion and management.


Diagnostic and Therapeutic Endoscopy

Emergency Paediatric Surgery

Along with my paediatric surgical colleagues  I provide a service to assess and if necessary perform emergency surgery for acute surgical presentations in children across the Gold Coast.